Zhang Tai


Work 工作向左


Tiger's hometown is Yilan, Heilongjiang, so we also can call him Amur Tiger. He has been a Software Test Engineer in Citi for over 2 years. Now he is working as a Support Analyst in Capgemini Consulting in Hangzhou. When not working, Tiger likes to watch movies, read books, Design/Dev website, Coding.

My Hobby

Goles of reading 92 books have been archived in 2013. I was very interested in watching movie, 213 movies watched in 2012. In 2014, I will focus on Reading, Study web design skills and Running. If you have visited my last.fm homepage, you will found that listening music has took a lot of time during the past, as well as the future(I like singing also ^_^).

Support Analyst

It has been 5 years past since the first time I come to Dalian, 4 years of my college life, 1 and a half years of work till now. My first two job is in Citi and Rockwell Automation as a Software Test Engineer, where I learnt Testing and CoWork.

Language Skill

I'm a native Chinese speaker, English as my second language, use it more than 10 years till now mostly in study and work, wish I could publish a book in English! I have done a website localization work for cvmkr, a website makes free CV for everyone. I learnt Japanese about 4 years in my college life as a course, but not use so much, need to be improved. Exciting! I can pronounce 'r' in French! I think it is so cool to communicate in French, but I can just read it. I can also recognize some simple Korean characters.

Computer Skills

I have took some basic computer science courses in my college life, such as C, Java, SQL, Embedded Linux, basic web design, SAP/ERP/CRM software, etc. After leaving school, during these two years, I think the most proficient tool I use is MS Excel, it helps me a lot, also help me to help others. I also learn to do some basic website build/design work, it is interesting, I can show, share what I have learnt. Linux server and SQL skills are needed and are essentials for building a website. I also use some coding languages to build some utilities as personal usage. These languages helped me alot: PHP, Python, Ruby, R.

I am very found of movies, I built a simple movies database for me with MS Access, write some PHP and Python codes to retrieve the data from IMDB to my database, I have uploaded the codes to github. This chinese quote help me in my life all the time: "君子性非议也,善假于物也". I like graphic/website design although I do not have the talent, sometimes I can show my creative works.