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New Tools of 2022

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Read and Write

  • Logseq: It’s very good, but 1) workflow notes are not my style, 2) the plugins only work on the computer
  • Obsidian: At almost the end of the year 2022, I first time really used it (I tried it once in Jul-2021), after not being satisfied with Logseq. Migrated all my notes and diaries to the new vaults without pain. I can even write plugins(easily?) with JavaScript, and all will be synced within my Apple devices, I also set up Syncthing to sync between Non-Apple systems with my Linux and Android devices.
  • ReadWise and ReadWise Read: Got the newsletter from ReadWise saying the Reader is public beta now and tried it immediately, also asked for a lifetime 50% discount because I am in China, a developing country benefit. The Read is my dream reader app, seriously.
  • doomemacs, orgmode: It’s so powerful, but really for hardcore users, almost not able to have the same experiment on both computer and Mobile
  • dendron: I can’t use unapproved software(Obsidian) at my work, but I can use VSCode and plugins, so it’s my compromise.
  • Grist: Airtable is so slow to access and sooner or later I need to migrate away from it, because it’s expensive, even though I can export my records, it requires efforts to migrate to other tools.
  • nocodb: Used for 1 month, found it missing features to create a simple page with simple widgets to let me input or review my date(like Grist)
  • Craft: Just one month paid my subscription, found Logseq and Obsidian


  • emacs: The intention of using emacs was to take notes, but later found it’s hard to maintain the same experience from mobile to computer, hence giving it up. But when evaluating and using it during the one or two months I realized why people are so like it.
  • nix: Tried on my MacBook, still don’t get why people like it :).
  • Alacritty: It’s simple, fast and reliable.
  • RKE2
  • Fedora: Most like: dnf, most dislike: SELinux. Anyway, switched all my servers from Ubuntu to Fedora now.
  • PocketBase: It’s my homelab database, simple and fast(enough), I just write a home-used application upon it, the event hooks are so sweet.


  • Hysteria: Can’t use it anymore, because most Clouds prevent its behavior to manipulate network packets.
  • OpenWrt: Switched from OpnSense which I used for several years, FreeBSD is… hard. I don’t like to tackle hard things, other than work 🤥.


  • PhotoPrism: This year I have had a new NAS server to replace my old Synology 216(?), I need a new homelab album manager, this is the one!
  • OwnCast: This year I have had my first baby(I won’t express how much I love him, because there will be not enough space for others), I want to show him to families and friends, anytime. But the law here does not allow one to watch the live stream if you don’t have an “account”, so with OwnCast I can just share the link, people just can see and talk without any burden.


  • Pixoo64: Sold my Pixoo Max and bought this one, and this is the star product of this year. It has an API to display anything you feed, text, images and even GIF. It has has a very important task, helping families to know when and how much to feed the baby. Besides that, when I play music on my TV/Phone, it will display the cover. Home Assistant dashboard? Why not.
  • STREAM DECK MK.2: After several months idle on the corner of my desk, I finally programmed it into a Home Assistant control panel. Most used 2 functions: Input baby feeding data(numbers), and control the lights. It’s now running on a mini pc with a headless Fedora installed.
  • QNAP TS464C: I switched from Synology, and have no regrets!
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Replace iPhone 11 Max
  • Apple Watch 8: Replace Apple Watch 4
  • NanoPi R5C, NanoPi R6S: My new router, running OpenWrt
  • ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 x2: Running as APs
  • EPSON T88VI: EPOS printer, auto or manual print things, over API.
  • N5105 Mini PC x3: Homelab Kubernetes cluster
  • OLED mini 4K display x2: 4K OLED display in 15'!
  • TPLINK SH1008 2.5G Switch
  • Dell MH3021P Speakerphone: Use very frequently beyond expected, no more head phones!
  • Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K Webcam: Not use that frequently as expected.