Notes on all Platforms

Notes, notes and notes. All those years of evaluating, using and abandons I learnt that there is no perfect note taking app, everyone’s requires and preferences are so different. Even the same person(like me) will change over time, I almost stay to use one app over 6 months, and will use the same app abounded before. So for me, if there is only one key, before starting to use an app, learn how to quit elegant, with the full data.

The Archives


Every note keeper should have used it once, I guess. The first time use should be at 2005 or 2006, very impressed by the OCR at that time. It was an Windows only then, because no phone can run real apps, later mobile app released, and later subscriptions, I tried, just feel it is too heavy, and the format was so weird and not clean, it was my feel only maybe, anyway I just don’t feel comfortable with it.

NONAME app on Symbian(Nokia)

I keep plain text notes and journal on my Nokia phone with an app which name was forgot, luckily I can export later.

This was one of the best experiences, because there was almost no choice for other app, and I can just concentrate on noting, without care about features.






For taking journal it’s good, I purchased it(of course), even still paying for 2(or3?) years after it turning to subscription, but I taking less notes those years and never put image into it, so I want to switch to a cheaper option, text only alternative. Currently using iA Writer, saving markdown files on iCloud Drive.


This app is same as DayOne, initially released as one time purchased and switched to subscription. The basic app is pretty good, I also subscribed 2 years, but never used the premium features. This app is still on my iPhone, just nothing important to note on it.


It has generous provides for free account. The backlink is very impressing, the editing experience is elegant, except… the code block editing, you must edit code snippets in a separate window. This is the most drawback for me to leave it.

I also liked it provided a web editor, so I can access it from my corporate network for read and noting, until it was blocked by the policy. 😢